Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rare Third Photo of Robert Johnson Discovered

via The Guardian
Delta bluesman and legendary guitarist Robert Johnson was known for having only two known photographs of him, adding to his blues mystique.

Until now.

A third photograph has surfaced, and after forensic investigation, it has been confirmed that the man in the photo is really Robert Johnson.

According to The Guardian:

Forensic work on the photograph began in 2007, when Lois Gibson, who works with the Houston police department, analysed the features of the long-fingered figure holding the guitar. Gibson, who found the identity of the sailor kissing the nurse in the Life magazine photo of Times Square on VJ day the second world war ended, has ruled that "it appears the individual is Robert Johnson. All the features are consistent, if not identical." The only differences, she added, were due to the angle of the camera or the lighting.

This is truly a magnificent find, as this sheds more light on this fascinating figure, who was the main influence on many artists, from Muddy Waters to Eric Clapton and almost every musician really.

Read the full story [here] , and below is a Robert Johnson song called "Me and the Devil Blues", which is the basis of the legend of him selling his soul to the devil in exchange for becoming a great musician.

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