Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Local Spotlight: Mojolators Blues Band

After a break in blogging I've returned to promote the band I'm in, The Mojolators:

In 2008, Aziz Ali, and Toufic Manok, and myself, friends and musician buddies, got together and formed the Mojolators Blues Band. The band was created to fill the void of the genre that is the Blues in Kuwait, but at the same time, dynamic and varied enough to suit other musical tastes such as Rock and Jazz.

The band is made up of a talented group of individuals:

1) Ali Sleeq: From Lebanon, plays the bass and handles lead vocals. He has been playing bass since 2000, and has performed with many Lebanese bands, including popular band at the time, Evergreen. He’s been designated the Middle East’s Bluesman, due to his passion for that music. His music is heavily influenced by Muddy Waters.

2) Aziz Ali: From Kuwait, plays the lead guitars and occasional vocals. He has been playing guitar since high school, and performed with bands locally as well as in the UK. He’s known for his on-stage antics and high explosive guitar performances. His music is heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.

3) Toufic Manok: From Lebanon, plays the drums. He has been playing since high school and performed in Lebanon and Kuwait with local bands, including Kuwait’s Switchback. He is highly skilled at the drums and is a performer above anything else. His music is heavily influenced by jazz and fusion, but with a lot of classic rocks roots.

The band performed Blues and Rock music, covering artists such as: Muddy Waters, BB King, Blues Brothers, Cream, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, and many others, in many local venues.

They also love to jam and improvise on stage.

Anytime you hear the blues in Kuwait, be sure it will be us who are performing it!