Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jack White to Release Obscure Blues Records on His Label


We all know that Jack White (formerly of The White Stripes) has a lot of blues influences, and that is evident on many of his songs.

Now, he has announced that he will release up to 25,000 songs that are owned by a Scottish blues label called Document Records, and they will all be remastered and released on vinyl.

White says:

"At one point in Detroit a whole Blues collection was dropped off at this vintage record store, so that's when I first bought a whole batch of Document records - Tommy Johnson, Ishman Bracey, Roosevelt Sykes… I'd never seen those records on vinyl before."

Not only that, but he will be releasing it for no profit at all, as he says: "At Third Man Records, we don't really care. We just want to create things that we want to see exist and if it breaks even, we're lucky - if not, it doesn't really matter."

I guess I'll need to purchase a vinyl player.

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