Saturday, July 30, 2011

Video of the Week: "My Favorite Things" - John Coltrane

This cover version released in 1961 on the album of the same name, is one of 'Trane's best known works.

It was played on a soprano sax, known for it's shrill high pitch sound. Considered an obsolete instrument in Jazz by this time, Coltrane picked it up and somehow if it wasn't for that sax, the song would not have that feel or character.

The piano work of McCoy Tyner is superb too... the whole song has a dark, moody tone unlike the original off the "Sound of Music". This song is an experiment in modal jazz through popular song.

Have a good weekend everyone...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Got Vimto?

Every Ramadan, millions of Arabs (specifically of the Gulf countries) flock to stores to stock up on this rather archaic piece of refreshment.

It's just concentrated berry juice; when mixed with water and the right amount, you get that sweet fruity taste that leaves you wanting for more. Add ice for best results.

Now I was asking around and on the internet, and it seems that Vimto is surviving due to the unprecedented sales in the Middle East and especially during the fasting season.

Indeed, in the UK website, I didn't find that iconic bottle.

I have seen people carry CARTONS of this crap to be ready for the feasts. It just boggles the mind... is it nostalgia of the old days of Kuwait? Or is it because it's just that DAMN GOOD?

I dunno why... but I know I got me a few bottles in our cupboard and a glass of that stuff in my hands right now.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bass Project: Phase 1 Complete

I have a Fender bass which I am having refinished. It's a 1994 Fender Japan Foto-Flame Precision Bass, my first Fender. I'm not using it much these days compared to my other 2 P-Basses.

So I decided to spice it up a bit and give it a '60's vintage color. Surprise for now ;)

This is the "before pic":

This is how it is now. It took a whole day to strip the paint down to the wood:

Phase two will be to sand it down to smooth it all out, and phase three will be to paint it and finish it with a lacquer.

Updates when I have 'em.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Tree Massacre Blues: Dozens of Trees Chopped!

Click on picture for larger/hi-rez quality

As I was driving back to my home in Salwa, I noticed that all the tress on road 206 (Salwa/Mishref exit off Fahaheel Road) have been chopped off.

What looks to be a genocidal act of tree-slaughter reminiscent of the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition, it's not easy to look at without feeling the horror.

Any reason for this? What crime did those trees commit!?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Facebook and the Office: Caught Red Handed

Sorry for the blurry, unclear photo; I couldn't take good shots since there were many people around, not to mention security cameras.

But that didn't stop me from seeing 6 people goofing off on Facebook in one of Kuwait's largest construction companies.

So there I was trying (or begging) to get a payment from this company. Such a huge operation and millions of Dinars in jobs, and you would think they would pay you on time.

So while looking around for department managers and accounts and division supervisors, I saw 6 people goofing off on Facebook.

This phenomenon has become a parasite in local businesses, with hours of work time is spent on FB. I read in the paper that one employee spent over 40 hours on FB in his office... so what is he being paid to do?

I wouldn't mind being called "Social Media Executive". That means I'll be on Facebook AND getting paid for it.

Thanks Mark.