Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Here's to a Big Bluesy 2020

Well, another year has gone by pretty quickly. I have mentioned previously that due to a lot of work and life blues, I wasn't very active this year on the blog, but hopefully one of my resolutions is to get back in the business of preachin' the blues online!

It seems there hasn't been a lot of blues related news this year, but I will be creatively posting about the history of blues like I used to!

I still had a lot of gigs and I'm still waiting on my EP to be crowdfunded (see my previous post). Hopefully things will turn out to be well in 2020!

Happy holidays everyone!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Crowdfunding Started for My New EP

Hey everyone, before you say anything, yes it has been a while. Too many real life blues to deal with!

However I am back to request if you could take a minute to check out my crowdfunding page for my new EP, which I'm planning to record as soon as funding is made.

My debut album released last year, and now I want to do something with complete creative control.

Hope you guys can help a struggling musician to make more music!

Thank you all!

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

'ReMastered: Devil At The Crossroads' Now Available on Netflix!

It's not usual to see the blues on major networks, but just yesterday Netflix released 'ReMastered: Devil At The Crossroads' which is a short documentary on the music of Robert Johnson, with interviews with other legends like Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, and Bonnie Raitt!

Highly recommended to watch! The trailer is below: