Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Sad State of Music in Kuwait

As a musician of 11 years, been in several bands including local Lounging Criminals (Best Band in Kuwait 2008, KuwaitStock) and the Mojolaters Blues Band (first blues band in Kuwait), and an avid music lover, Kuwait is a sad place to be in to perform, watch, and enjoy music.

Dubai is hosting what seems to be their biggest year in international concerts; Janet Jackson, Michael Bolton, Metallica, Usher, Richard Ashcroft, Ministry of Sound, various DJ's and other stars. Not to mention all the local band events and festivals.

Concerts and the like boosts the economy and attracts tourism (I went to Dubai to watch Roger Waters in 2007, and took my wife this year to watch Usher among other things, like the Dubai Desert Rock Festival). Having such events creates an atmosphere where people can meet up and socialize, learn new concepts and listen to their favorite artists without having to wish to go to Europe or the States.

There has been a local initiative with Kuwait Music launching and it has single-handedly grouped all the local talent with news and a space to interact. I met all the great people and musicians through this website... it forms a sort of comradery.

What is the way to go about this? I dunno, it's too complicated. But I do think it's a matter of supply and demand. If no one shows interest or looks at music as just background music or a shitty hobby then we are going no where.

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