Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Customs (and other) Strike Blues

[Background: NY Times]

The last few weeks there have been strikes by government employees in various ministries in Kuwait, and most recently the strikes have stepped up their game, with yesterdays Customs strike costing the country around 30 million dinars in losses, and continued today. It also delayed my company's delivery of materials to an important government project.

Somehow I feel things are not going too well these days; members of parliament stopping development, government laziness/slow reaction, bad economic scene, impossible traffic... get with it people!

Imagine if lower income / level employees, such as cleaners, laborers, drivers etc start striking too? The country could come to a standstill.

Until then I'll just sit there and sing:

"Early in the mornin', can't pay my dues
Yes sir, I got nothin' but the blues"

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