Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Blues Report: Blog Stats so Far

After 2 months of serious and continuous blogging, I'm happy to announce that Speakin' the Blues is off to a great little start.

While the blog is still not mature, nor part of the scene, the results show me that the STB is on a nice little path.

Here's some quick info:

- Over 2,000 unique views
- June blog views have outpaced May's views, and the month is still not over.
- Most viewed post: A Love Supreme: Spiritual Guidance
- Post with most comments: A Love Supreme: Spiritual Guidance
- A little over 50% of the audience is from Kuwait
- A little over 30% of the audience is from the United States
- The remaining percentage is divided between Western countries (Canada, Germany, etc).
- Lebanon and UAE make up less than 5% of views.
- Twitter is the main referral site
- Most famous commenter: Russ Davis, host of VOA Jazz America and MoJa radio host.

Looking forward to serve the blues, jazz, and local scene lovers. Thanks for supporting and taking time to read the blog!


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