Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Love Supreme - Spiritual Guidance

This album by John Coltrane, released in 1965, remains his defining moment in his career.

Coltrane, at this point in his life after all the drugs and fast life, sobered up, and found the light that is God. He portrayed his love for God through this album. And thus the journey begins.

Spread across 4 tracks, and all recorded in one session, is a testament to his hard-bop influences and free-jazz, a style he would later expand upon immensely until his death in the late 60's. This album is not just a jazz album; it is a step towards enlightenment. This album has to be heard and felt.

The first track, "Acknowledgement", sets the tone, a mellow sound, with Coltrane towards the end of the song, chants "A Love Supreme" with overdubbed vocals, the only time his voice is heard on a recording.

"Resolution" & "Pursuance" have extended piano solos, and the tenor sax of Coltrane brings out the excitement in these uptempo tracks.

"Pslam" is the most poetic; he wrote out a poem to God, and then played the sax NOTE FOR NOTE in the syllables of the poem. Love through music... not words. A Love Supreme.

It is with this work that John Coltrane was immortalized and named a Saint by the African Orthodox Church... the miracle of bringing music and the listener to love God.

Get this album now... rated 47 in Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums of All Time.


  1. Ali,

    I have never, ever, read a more complete, concise, and truthful "review" of this masterwork of the great Coltrane! In a few words you captured what people have written books about! Thank you for putting this online for all the world to read, enjoy and understand forever!

    You truly love the music my friend!

    Russ Davis
    Programmer/Presenter of JAZZ AMERICA on Voice of America &
    MOJA Radio ( for MOdern JAzz

  2. Russ,

    It means so much to hear that from a highly respected and influential member of the Jazz community.

    I'm glad you stopped by; best of luck to you. You made my day (and it will last a while).

  3. the only time his voice is heard on a recording? what about on Om? what about on Live in Seattle?

  4. Hmmm, is it "singing" or just talking? In any case I stand corrected.

  5. as i recall, it's more like wailing or screaming on Seattle. quite a concert that one.

  6. I checked; it seems that's Pharoah Sanders screaming in the middle of that part.

  7. i'll give it another listen. i always figured it was both of them.

  8. definitely two people screaming on "evolution." hard to say who since some of it goes on while one of the tenors is playing... maybe pharoah got donald garrett or mccoy to join in a bit.


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