Tuesday, February 2, 2016

20th Anniversary Tour of 'Come Find Yourself' - Fun Lovin' Criminals

One of my all time favorite bands, and definitely one the most underrated. Their mix of blues, rock, funk, hip-hop, lounge, and the gritty mafioso urban lyrical content caught my attention instantly back in the day and I never looked back.

The Fun Lovin' Criminals are starting this year with a bang; their first album, released in 1996, 'Come Find Yourself' turns 20. And to celebrate, the boys have kicked off a massive European/Australia tour.

I am without a doubt their biggest fan from the Middle East; hopefully they set a gig in the region so I can go watch... been a dream of mine since 1997! I have all their albums and DVD's including some limited release vinyls.

Not only that, a re-release of the album has been announced which includes rare goodies, like rare takes, remixes, videos, and the like:

Go to their official page [here] and check out a classic track from the original album:

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