Monday, September 28, 2015

Eid Blues Roundup

So it was a long break, and I've been slacking on the blog lately (i know, forgive me). I expect things to pick up by October.

I've gathered up some tidbits about some blues / jazz (and me, plugging shamelessly) for ya:

1) Radio Blues

Yep, I was on the radio (Kuwait FM 99.7) yesterday morning for some live blues and discussion on the Eid Special with Maha and DJ Aki. Props to them and 99.7 for the support and love!

Songs played:

1- Key to the Highway
2- You Don't Have to Go
3- Rollin' Stone

2- Jazz for Cows

It's not really a new video, but it just came across my feed again and thought it was cute. Bovines love jazz it seems!

3- Happy Birthday John Coltrane!

It was the legendary jazzman's birthday over the holiday, so mad props to the man who reinvented music with his nonstop search for enlightenment. Here's the full Blue Train album for your pleasure:

4- Dudley Taft's album confirmed for October

Blues-rocker Dudley Taft will release his new album 'Skull & Bones' on October 16! Here's a snippet of some hard rockin blues to come:

5- The Hurt Project releases EP

Marlon Hunt from the Hurt Project contacted me and informed me of their new EP release 'After the Storms' and features some old-school blues I'm sure you guys will enjoy. Their bandcamp site is [here] and you can hear the music below:

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