Sunday, August 9, 2015

Buddy Guy on the Future of the Blues

The last remaining OG bluesman Buddy Guy has spoken about the future of the blues in a recent interview with NPR (full interview here):

I wonder if there aren't as many young black musicians devoting themselves to the blues. Do you worry about the future of blues music?

I worry about the future of blues music whether you are black or white. If they don't hear it like I did and listen to it and don't know about it — you ever been to Louisiana where they cook all this gumbo?
I have. I love it.
I do, too. [Laughs.] So if you never tasted it, you wouldn't love it. That's what's happening with the blues. Now, the young people don't know nothing about it unless — I know satellite [radio] do play blues, but we need more than that. I tell everybody I would love to hear Muddy Waters twice a week. I'm not telling you to play him all day, all night; just play him. Let the young people know where it all started."
His new album, 'Born to Play Guitar' has been released and I'll be reviewing it soon.

Here's a song off the new album; no embed is available sorry:

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