Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Miles Davis' 'Kind of Blue' the 5th Best Selling Vinyl in 2015

via Sinister Salad

So far in 2015, these are the top 10 most selling vinyls according to Nielsen Music:

1. Taylor Swift, 1989 (34,000)
2. Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell (32,000)
3. Arctic Monkeys, AM (27,000)
4. Alabama Shakes, Sound & Color (26,000)
5. Miles Davis, Kind of Blue (23,000)
6. Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour (23,000)
7. Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon (23,000)
8. Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack (22,000)
9. Father John Misty, I Love You Honeybear (22,000)
10. Hozier, Hozier (21,000)

My my.

We already know that this seminal jazz album by trumpeter and legend Miles Davis is the best selling jazz album of all time; but to still be this relevant in 2015? It seems it's relevance is still paramount, even after almost 60 years since release.


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