Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Precision Bass 70's Design Mod

Although I usually like to keep my basses looking as stock as possible, there's always that little modding twitch that gets to me. 

So I decided to slightly modify my Sunburst Precision Bass from a 60's design to a 70's design.

Before / After

Basically I just changed the pickup covers from black to cream, which resemble the DiMarzio pickup replacements that became very popular in the 70's and many musicians often used. Also, I changed the pickguard (scratchplate) from tortoise shell to black, which was the standard color for Fenders in the 70's.

The pickups are still the same (American Vintage '62 pickups) so the sound remains a 60's sound. 

Hope you like it and can't wait to gig with this bass on the 27th (more on that later). 

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