Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Detroit Blues Playlist

Detroit's famous Hastings Street, where the blues is king. 

Last week I made a playlist of 10 Chicago Blues songs; and this week keeping up with the urban blues, I made a list of 10 Detroit Blues songs!

Both styles are pretty much the same, but Chicago blues is the more prominent of the two. Detroit is just as gritty, but being the city of Motown it was overshadowed. The biggest name in Detroit blues is John Lee Hooker.

So strap in and dig the sound of the big city somewhere around Hastings Street and the Black Bottom neighborhood:

10 - 32-20 - Doctor Ross

9 - Hard Hearted Woman - Eddie 'Guitar' Burns

8 - Have Blues Will Travel - Calvin Frazier

7 - Soft Pillow - Joe Weaver

6 - Stop Breakin' Down - Baby Boy Warren

5 -  Freak Blues - Andre Williams

4 - I'll Get Over You - Johnnie Bassett

3 -  I Cried My Last Tear - Alberta Adams

2 - 10 Below Zero - Bobo Jenkins

and finally, a full album from John Lee Hooker, Urban Blues:

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