Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Even The Beatles Sang The Blues

The Beatles, during a troubled time of the band in 1968, released what is now known as The White Album (it's actually a self-titled album). In that album, is one (for me at least) standout track, called 'Yer Blues'.

Written by John Lennon while the band was in India, the song came about as Lennon put it: "trying to reach God and feeling suicidal". 

The song is pretty much your standard blues, but with a twist near the end where slow tempo picks up and George Harrison plays the slide guitar solo. Also, it's noted that this was one of the few times Paul McCartney played the Fender Jazz Bass on record.

The lyrics are also your standard Lennon too: 

The eagle picks my eye
The worm he licks my bones
I feel so suicidal
Just like Dylan's Mr. Jones
Lonely wanna die
If I ain't dead already
Ooh girl you know the reason why.

Hope you enjoy this jem!

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