Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Fender Bass Models Announced

There have been several updates to the Fender lines in 2013, such as the American Vintage Series and just today a few new models have been announced:

Classic Player Cabronita Precision Bass

This bass was originally a product of the Fender Custom Shop, priced at over $4,500. Now it's available in a lower price as it's made in Mexico. Love the pickup, reminds me of the older Guild basses.

Classic 50's Precision Bass Lacquer

Continuing the Classic Series line, also made in Mexico, this bass is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer (or nitro for short) just like the old vintage basses, unlike the modern finishes which are polyurethane (poly for short). It is thinner than poly, and will wear out faster, giving a vintage sound and vibe. Only in black.

Classic 60's Jazz Bass Lacquer

Same as the 50's Precision Bass; only in 3 Color Sunburst.

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