Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gulf Jazz Fest 2013

Another year, another Gulf Jazz Fest in Kuwait.

You may remember how I wrote an article on Kuwait Music reviewing the 2011 event, and how I was pessimistic about the 2012 event. Basically, what I feel is that the artists are not playing enough "jazz" music, and that the exclusive 5 star hotel setting aimed at the social elite is not the right venue.

The line up this year is as follows, and it looks like my original assessment still stands:

There seems to be some sort of error on the official site, as it is mentioned that famous jazz trumpeter Randy Brecker will be performing, yet his name is not on the bill. Maybe this will be announced later? That might entice me to go and watch, but until then, I won't be going unless someone invites me ;)

Visit the official Gulf Jazz Fest website [here].

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