Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fender's New American Vintage Basses

It's been pretty hush hush for a while, but Fender finally announced their new updated American Vintage bass product line.

Since the early 80's Fender had the same vintage series ('57 & '62 for the Precision Bass, and '62 & '75 for the Jazz Bass); this is the first time they revamp the line, with new vintage years; '58 & '63 for the Precision Bass, and '64 & '74 for the Jazz Bass. They feature period correct details, hardware, finish, and pickups. There are some vintage custom color options, such as Faded Sonic Blue on the 63 P-Bass and Lake Placid Blue on the 64 J-Bass (with matching headstock!!)

I'm loving them! Need to get a '63 P-Bass in Olympic White now!!! Below are all the series with all the color options. Go to Fender's American Vintage site for videos and detailed specs. Which one would you choose?

 1958 Precision Bass

1963 Precision Bass

1964 Jazz Bass

1974 JazzBass

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