Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jazz Legend Dave Brubeck Dead at 91

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Dave Brubeck, the famous jazz pianist, composer and band leader, most know for his groundbreaking track "Take Five", has died yesterday Wednesday Dec.5, a day before his birthday (today). I was looking forward to write a happy (in a literal sense) birthday, but it was never meant to be.

 Brubeck was known not only for his great sense of music, but also for his universal approach to composition and experimentation with different meters. He was also the first ever jazz musician to have an album sell one million copies (the seminal "Time Out" from 1959), is was the second jazz musicians to have his face on the cover of Time magazine after Louis Armstrong.

 He also broke the barrier of racism, where he would employ African-American musicians to perform with him, despite anger from society at the time.

 He carried on playing through the 60's all the way till 2011, where despite old age, managed to wow the crowd at every occasion.

 Here's his classic, undying track called "Take Five", which is in 5/4 time. Rest in Peace Dave...

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