Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Jaco Pastorius!

Today in 1951, John Pastorius, also known as Jaco, was born.

He was the prime influence in bringing electric bass to the forefront of music, and in his case, jazz-fusion / electric jazz.

His favorite bass, the Bass of Doom as it's called, is a 1962 fretless Fender Jazz Bass, and his "growl" was done by using the bridge pickup only and playing over the bridge, creating a nasal, almost voice like sound. Topping it off with some serious skills and bass was changed forever.

His influence has reached to all bassists, including Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, and many many others.

Unfortunately he died at a young age of 35 in 1987 due to a fight with a bouncer at a club in Florida.

He is the only electric bassist to be inducted at the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame.

Here's an early live solo with the band Trilogue... enjoy and have a great one Jaco!

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