Wednesday, November 28, 2012

JLP's 'Through the Looking Glass' - A Documentary

JLP, a local act from Lebanon, are currently on a roll.

Dozens of gigs later, JLP has become a dominating force, performing cover songs from across the musical spectrum in their style.

The band is composed of my AUB buddies Ramzi, Ziad, Boudy, Ghassan, and Joe (who I played alongside with at the 2008 Dubai Battle of the Bands, but that's a different story).

They won "Best Local Cover Act" at Timeout Beirut's Nightlife Awards 2012; the Readers Choice.

What's is purely awesome is that they made a VH1 styled documentary which was beautifully made; check out the over 25 (!) minute video below; these guys are hard working and are the real deal.

If you are ever in Beirut you should definitely check them out; they are performing weekly in several pubs mostly in the Hamra area.

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