Saturday, November 24, 2012

Deep Purple to Headline Dubai Jazz Festival 2013

Now sponsored by Emirates Airlines, the 2013 Dubai Jazz Festival has been announced, with so far only one act headlining: classic rockers Deep Purple.

Aging rockers headlining a jazz festival... it's too ironic and sad to be honest. Trying to showhorn non-jazz acts just to increase ticket sales is pretty low.

I mean, last year they got James Blunt (see my 2012 Dubai Jazz Fest post [here])... they had Celine Dion open the Jamaican Jazz & Blues Fest...

It's a shame really. Even in the blues they add reggae and other styles just to broaden the audience.

I might be too idealistic but I feel it just convolutes the music.

See the official Dubai Jazz Fest site [here] and stay tuned for updates; they just might surprise us with the other acts.

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