Thursday, November 22, 2012

10 Most Influential Texas Blues Guitarists

The Dallas Observer has published an article of the 10 most influential Texas blues guitarists. It's a great list (except for Dimebag Darrell... this is out of place and shouldn't be listed... he's a metal guitarist for gods sake) and there's a lot of information and videos!

The list is as follows:

10 - Albert Collins
  9 - T-Bone Walker
  8 - Lightnin' Hopkins
  7 - Blind Lemon Jefferson
  6 - Eric Johnson
  5 - Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top)
  4 - Dimebag Darrell
  3 - Freddie King
  2 - WC Clark

and at number one... you guessed it:


So to celebrate this here's a kickass version of Tightrope. Check out the list in detail [here].

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