Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Music Purchases from Dubai

I was in Dubai over the Eid holidays, and as usual it was another great week off. I noticed that this time, the jazz and blues selections at Virgin Megatstore were limited than before, I was able to find some gems within the sea of mediocre:

1) Prestige Profiles - John Coltrane 
2) Blues Greats - Memphis Slim 

I already spoke about the Coltrane compilation previously, so it was worth getting at the low price (AED 45) and it contains music from albums I don't have. The record compiles music from the mid to late '50's work of Coltrane, which featured a slight stylistic shift before moving on to modal jazz.

 The Memphis Slim compilation is a mix of songs from his career spanning from the '50's to the '70's. I love the piano/vocal work of Slim so any more music from him is a plus.

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