Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Monstrous and Kickass Birthday Present(s)!

Today I turn 31, and what better way to celebrate my (near) mid-life crisis with a little toy?

Well, not a LITTLE one really.

Thanks to my lovely wife, my family, and my great friends who pitched in to buy me a new (drum roll):


Now THAT'S big!

It's a Hartke VX3500 bass amp... 350 watts of power, in a 4 X 10" speaker combination.

It's also got a 10 band EQ (which can be muted), 2 channels: tube (yes, it's got a real TUBE) and solid state, compression, low and high pass filters... I mean, this thing has got it all!

And let's just say... when volume is on "2" ... the house shakes as if there's an earthquake!

Again, thanks to all for getting me this wonderful gift... it's much needed :) I'll be sure to use this baby on the road or the studio!

Oh yeah just as an addition, my dad got me an Ottoman Turk ring, dating sometime between 1915-1920:

Thanks for the great wishes from everyone :) Love ya back!


  1. Happy birthday!!! That is a real beauty!!

  2. Wooowww you really got some kick ass gifts this year!!!


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