Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gripes about Lebanese Passport Renewal

Tomorrow I'm going to the Lebanese embassy to get my passport renewed.

I do have some complaints about the process... and of course being Lebanese and interacting with Lebanese authorities and institutions is always a bag of laughs.

My main complaints:

1 - Did you know you can only renew your passport for either one or five years? And it's not cheap; it's LL 300,000 (or approx. KD 60) for five years (KD 12 for one). I think that's unusually high... other countries pay much less and get more than five years!

2 - When they renew it, the stamp is written in Arabic and French only (yes they are the official languages in Lebanon but we are in a globalized world and English is necessary!)

3 - They don't mention the expiry date; they say and quote "This passport has been renewed for X years in Kuwait starting from so and so date" like this (sorry to my English speakers):

I find that very unintuitive. Too many times people thought my passport was expired when I told them no, its valid one year (or five) from that date" and everytime I see so much confusion and they think I am lying.

The only good thing about this whole process is that I get it renewed in the same day.

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  1. add to that , they don't mention the mom family name 
    when  i wanted to bring my kid i faced a problem since they mention the first name only


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