Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blues meets Electro - "Sure Thing" by St. Germain sampling John Lee Hooker

There have been attempts to fuse electronic music with other forms of music like jazz and blues.

Not many have succeeded to get a nice sound; however Saint Germain's attempt with "Sure Thing" from his Tourist album was very nicely made. The album was released on legendary jazz label Blue Note Records.

The song samples a song from the Hot Spot soundtrack (which features John Lee Hooker and Miles Davis throughout), called "Harry's Philosophy".

Hooker's voice and guitar is highly hypnotic as usual... and the mixing by Germain is clever and it sounds great.

I recommend the album as well if you are into chillout/lounge music. Another track called "Rose Rouge" samples Take Five by Dave Brubeck and features jazzy trumpet soloing.

Here's "Sure Thing":

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