Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blues gets Political : "Un-American Blues" - Popa Chubby

We all usually hear the blues talkin' about women, alcoholism, hard times and sometimes about monkeys (see Junior Wells song, "She Wants to Sell my Monkey".

However Popa Chubby, a great blues guitarist, wrote this very political blues record called the "Un-American Blues" from his album "Peace, Love, &; Respect". It's discussing Bush era (the song is from 2004) politics, the war in Iraq, and Islamophobia.

I heard this off of a CD of modern blues artists a while back. I love the guitar work and how he interpolates the American national anthem into the song. Chubby is a fine guitarist in his own right!

I don't have the original on me right now, however below is a very close live rendition of the song. Hope you enjoy this blues-rock number!

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