Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review: Coco York & Mike Del Ferro @ US Embassy

I was invited to the "pre-show" of jazz singer Coco York and pianist Mike Del Ferro at the US Embassy last night.

After a delightful staff escorted me and my wife to the Ambassador's Residence, I was also greeted by Ambassador Matthew H. Tueller himself, along with the public relations, cultural and economic mission staff.

After mingling with the invitees, the Ambassador Tueller introduced Coco and Mike to the stage.

Mike performed a solo piece called Adagio, inspired by an old classical piece (he later did tell me the name of the composer but I honestly don't recall the name).

Ms. York then walked on stage and greeted us with great words about love; she then sang "Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child"; it was very haunting. Her voice is so powerful and she really can reach those high notes.

She then sang a medley of several blues songs; first "Stormy Monday", then "Everyday I have the Blues", and finally "Rock me Baby". Obviously she hit my sweet spot!

After that, she sang "My Funny Valentine", "Misty", "Summertime" and one more I couldn't catch. They were all beautifully sung; she even improvised some scat vocals! The crowd really enjoyed that part.

After she said goodnight, the crowd wanted more, and Ambassador Tueller asked for an encore, where she sang "Bye Bye Blackbird". A lovely end to the night.

I was happy to hear these songs as I know most of the instrumental versions of those standards (Miles Davis, John Coltrane etc) but to hear it in a jazz lounge/vocal style was amazing. The weather fit in perfectly with the atmosphere.

A delightful buffet dinner ended the great event.

I met both Coco and Mike and they are amazing people to talk to. They really are pros and I don't think anyone would be dissapointed in watching them.

I recommend all of you to go and watch the shows on 9 and 10th April. See the details [here].


  1. adagio means to play slowly and at ease, tempo about ( 66-76bpm ) not the main piece name

  2.  True, but it also this:

    Adagio in G minor, attributed to Tomaso Albinoni, composed by Remo Giazotto


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