Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Joan Osborne to Sing the Blues

Remember Joan Osborne?

Yep... she sang (What if God was) "One of Us"... her biggest hit.

She's going back to her roots with some blues music in her newest release "Bring it on Home".

“I wanted to make a recording like the one you’re holding now.” With vocals that growl and soar, Osborne alternately cries out with heart-wrenching soul and foot-stomping grooves. The voices of Otis Redding and Al Green soothed a troubled soul, the power of Etta James and Tina Turner gave me courage, and the depth of feeling of Muddy Waters and so many other great blues artists allowed me to find and express my own depths." [SOURCE]

Here's a sampling off that album; sounds better than the mid-90s that's for sure!!

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