Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fun Lovin' Criminals: A Seriously Underrated Band

I'm probably one of the biggest fans of the Fun Lovin' Criminals (FLC) in the region.

I have all their CDs (legit) and I've followed them ever since their first album Come Find Yourself came out in 1996 until now.

Their style incorporates blues as the root, but with hip-hop vocals sung by Huey Morgan, keyboards/bass/electronic production by Fast, and drumming by Frank from the UK (their 3rd drummer), blending in lounge and rock all in one.

They have a hardcore, mafioso/criminal and social based themes in their songs; they also represent their hometown of New York City, and many of their songs pay tribute to the Big Apple, as well as common themes of inner city lifestyle and issues, as mentioned in one of their songs "I Can't Get with That": We all bleed red even racist motherfuckers.

They have found big success in the UK and Europe; it's unfortunate that their native USA have not been as welcoming; however it's mostly due to the way the music industry there is.

They came to Dubai in 2007 once but I was in Lebanon at the time and I was unable to go, which is a real shame given how much I love these guys.

I really would like to all of you to check out their music... it's witty, comical, and serious at the same time.

Much love to the FLC, with the mucho grande style!

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