Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Classic Gaming Revisited: Police Quest 2 (1988)

DAMN... talk about memories... in 1988 I was one of the only kids who had a PC... a 286 (!!!!) processor... that baby had like 64K of RAM! What a powerhouse!

I was a DOS gamer... before Windows came out. All I used to play was Sierra (King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest etc) and Lucasarts (Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion etc).

I'm currently replaying Police Quest 2 (see screenshot). I can't believe I still remember what to do... you input commands by typing them (open door, get in car, hump prostitute etc).

It takes only like 1-2 hours to finish if you memorize what to do, however at the time, it was very advanced. It was created by actual cop, Jim Walls. He was there for parts 1-3.

Try to get your hands on these old games... a trip down memory lane. Amazon sells the collections (they are always re-released every couple of years) and re-live the golden age of adventure games!

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