Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Facebook and the Office: Caught Red Handed

Sorry for the blurry, unclear photo; I couldn't take good shots since there were many people around, not to mention security cameras.

But that didn't stop me from seeing 6 people goofing off on Facebook in one of Kuwait's largest construction companies.

So there I was trying (or begging) to get a payment from this company. Such a huge operation and millions of Dinars in jobs, and you would think they would pay you on time.

So while looking around for department managers and accounts and division supervisors, I saw 6 people goofing off on Facebook.

This phenomenon has become a parasite in local businesses, with hours of work time is spent on FB. I read in the paper that one employee spent over 40 hours on FB in his office... so what is he being paid to do?

I wouldn't mind being called "Social Media Executive". That means I'll be on Facebook AND getting paid for it.

Thanks Mark.

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