Monday, June 6, 2011

Parking Lot Blues - Insanity Edition

After a long day dealing with Ministry bureaucracy, I finally got to my office in Kuwait City.

As usual, the parking behind my office in Fahed Al-Salem Street after 11AM is full and it takes forever to park.

So arriving at 11:30, I finally found a parking spot at 12:15PM. Yes... FORTY FIVE MINUTES just to park my goddamn car.

This is due to having one parking lot for not less than 4 office TOWERS, banks, and everyone trying to book a summer vacation (this is the Dawliah - ie where almost every tourist/travel office is grouped - parking lot).

So I cannot see any alternative solution, since no one is allowed to park outside on the street, and the closest public parking is across the street near Muthana, which is not a viable option for me.

In addition to that, it's an expensive parking! A full day from 8am to 5pm will cost you 550-600 fils. Thats 16.5 - 18KD a month just to park!


  1. thats cheap man.. it cost in downtown here 8$ a day.. and people have no option but to pay.. 8x26= 208$ a month.. thats almost 4 times what you pay.. parking is so expensive that some employees have it on there contract of employment as a benefit.. so cheer up sleeq..


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