Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The "Negleted Music" Blues

Today, a few blocks away from my office in Kuwait City, I came across what used to be a government agency related to music. The sign was in tatters and I was unable to see it well from the car since the sun was blazing my eyes, but most probably its the Higher Music Institute.

What is interesting to note is that this pile of decaying architecture is surrounded by high rise office towers, and is just down the street from the Parliament building.

As a musician and avid lover of music, it breaks my heart to see that authorities are not interested to preserve music or promote musical education, and to allow creative free expression of the musical arts.

As musicians we have many boundaries, such as requirement of licenses to perform and lack of venues and events. We would like to see a growth in this sector, as direct experience shows that the public is very much interested to see live music, western music even!

That structure will be demolished in about 5-6 years if someone wakes up and actually notices it, and turned into a mall perhaps. Another issue is raised, which is the disregard of historic buildings.

That building reminds me of the classic blues song called "Goin' down Slow".

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