Monday, October 6, 2008

The "my phone line costs more than your life" Blues

Sometimes you see things in the local newspaper, and in this case, Kuwaiti-based Al-Qabas, that just gives you that feeling that we really live in a broken society.

If you can't read Arabic, I'll briefly translate:

"110 Lebanese and Arab business men participated in a an auction for32 rare cellular numbers, which would eventually sell for 2.5 million US Dollars combined in Lebanon. The owner of popular "Petit Cafe" restaurant chain purchased 9 numbers for 855,000 US Dollars alone.

In contrast, 1/3 of all Lebanese citizens live on less than 4 (four) US Dollars a day.

If calculated for the price of 450,000 US Dollars for a particular line, and minimum wage of 331 US Dollars, one phone line would be the equivalent of a five member poor family income for 65 years."

Well, atleast that model looks a bit presentable.

Lebanon will always be the country of contradictions and hypocrisy. Not to say that I wouldn't want a lot of money in my bank account; isn't that why most of us leave our own countries for?

The matter of the fact is if people donated this money to the poor and needy, there would be less disparity in Lebanon (and elsewhere).

Just ramblin'.

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