Sunday, May 10, 2015

KFC Deep Fried Blues

In what turned out to be my most bizarre gig (and believe me there have been many), was also one of the most memorable.

My agent called and asked if I would be willing to do a gig for KFC in the biggest mall in Kuwait. I'm not usually the person to say no to any gig, no matter how weird it sounds. I figure I will always have a story to tell my grandkids about.

Turns out the chain was going to do a meet and greet with Colonel Sanders himself (OK, he's not the real Colonel, but he's an approved copy!) and that he would be taking pictures and such with people.

Perhaps they underestimated his popularity. 

Once my blues associate Zeus and I got on the stage, which I might add, had a huge Styrofoam chicken bucket prop on the side, and started jamming away the blues, the Colonel strolled his way down to the stage as if he was the fucking president. The mobs that swarmed him was like a scene from some riot. 

We only got to do a few songs before the stage was invaded by the angry / delusional / spazzed crowd, which led us to evacuate. The colonel, in his brief moment of peace, thanked us and didn't believe we weren't from Mississippi (as per his words, not mine). We took a photograph, which will be cemented in modern history as the time we played the blues for the Colonel himself.

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