Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cairo Jazz Festival Returns

The Cairo Jazz Festival is back and is set for March 13-16 at the Azhar Park.

The festival features several international and regional artists, including Lebanon's Mashrou' Laila.

Here's the full lineup:

- Jakub Urban Trio feat. Noha Fekry (Czech/Egypt)

- USS w Lazq (Egypt)

- Kaz Okumura Trio feat. Michelle Rounds (Japan/ Australia)

- Massar Egbari (Egypt)

- OUM (Morocco)

- VEIN (Switzerland)

- Yuri Honing Quartette (Holland) 

- Sylvain Beuf Electric Eccentric (France)

- Soweto Kinch feat. Arab Rap All Stars (UK/Egypt)

- Daerr-Bica-Stick (Germany)
- Soopar Lox (Egypt)
- Nabil Khemir (Tunisia)
- Holler My Dear (Austria)
- Rami Attalla Group (Egypt)

- Mashrou Leila feat. Soweto Kinch (Lebanon/UK)

 - Omar Khairat (Egypt)
- Andre Carvalho Group (Portugal)
- Christine Kisilewsky (Austia)
 The official site is [here] and check out the teaser video below:

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