Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best of Blues 2012: Otis Taylor's 'Contraband'

I have previously written about Otis Taylor in 2011, and how his album 'Contraband' was due for release.

And yes, what a release it was.

"Songs on the album again tell tales of love, loss, injustice, inequality, and war but Taylor doesn't consider his music an act of activism, but of art...Contraband is again built on a foundation of traditional blues sounds, styles, and structures and the unusual rhythmic and instrumental sounds that have become the hallmark of Taylor's sound." Blinded by Sound

I usually write about blues from the old days, but there are some strong blues performers from today, and Otis Taylor is no exception. The album was released in February 2012, with tons of glaring reviews, many publications naming it one the best albums blues albums of the year.

This album continues and improves upon his 'trance' or 'hypnotic' style of blues, featuring heavy droning rhythms and lyrics that encompass different issues, including religion and historical injustices.

There are also a handful of acoustic tracks, alongside the usual electric sounds of his band.

If you are looking for a nice, almost trippy, twist to the blues, go out and buy this album.

Here's a track from the album called "Contraband Blues':

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  1. Saw this link on Kuwait music page .. Love Otis Taylor !! Nice to find your blog :)


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