Monday, November 21, 2011

Public Urination: Extreme Edition

My good buddy Subah, who also works in the building right next to me in Kuwait City, sneakily snapped a photo of a gentleman happily (and I say that with conviction) relieving himself in the public parking lot that I park in everyday.

I usually understand the frustration of wanting to use the WC when one is not available; however common decency makes me hold it and take the pain until suitable locations are made present.

When I see people pissing in the streets, usually it is behind some garbage container or in the shadows hoping no one will see... but this guy just does it in the middle of a freaking car park.

You got to admit... this guy's got the cojones.

Thanks Subah for making me spill my coffee today. Will make sure to look around my car this afternoon.

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  1. Keep away from this guy and never park in B1...good luck bro. Subah


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