Friday, July 29, 2011

Got Vimto?

Every Ramadan, millions of Arabs (specifically of the Gulf countries) flock to stores to stock up on this rather archaic piece of refreshment.

It's just concentrated berry juice; when mixed with water and the right amount, you get that sweet fruity taste that leaves you wanting for more. Add ice for best results.

Now I was asking around and on the internet, and it seems that Vimto is surviving due to the unprecedented sales in the Middle East and especially during the fasting season.

Indeed, in the UK website, I didn't find that iconic bottle.

I have seen people carry CARTONS of this crap to be ready for the feasts. It just boggles the mind... is it nostalgia of the old days of Kuwait? Or is it because it's just that DAMN GOOD?

I dunno why... but I know I got me a few bottles in our cupboard and a glass of that stuff in my hands right now.

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