Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Study: Blues & Jazz Musicians Live Longer, are More Stable

The blues means living hard, living through the treacheries of modern life. However, though the tropes include homicide, drug usage, etc, in a recent study, it's shown that blues musicians outlive musicians from every music genre out there. This is also true of jazz:

The above table shows the causes of death from every genre; as you can see, blues musicians die from heart related issues above every other, indicating usual long life. Jazz musicians have the highest death rate when it comes to cancer, also suggesting longevity. Hip-hop artists on the contrary, usually die from homicide related causes, above the overall average.

"This pattern reflects, to some extent, a confound in the data: musicians who are dying youngest belong to newer genres (electronic, punk, metal,rap,hip-hop) that have not existed as long as genres such as jazz, country, gospel and blues. Consequently, they have not had the same opportunity to live a full lifespan."

So in conclusion, if you want to live a long life, play the blues!

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