Saturday, February 14, 2015

Got the Valentine Blues? Here's a Playlist!

People and websites will try and spread the love and the message of St. Valentine.

Obviously, I won't.

Here at Speakin' The Blues is where you come to wallow in your sorrow for your love leaving you, or seeing others happy together while you are all alone.

But fear not; for your blues angel (that would be me) has devised a list of songs that will uplift (or not) your spirit on this lonely, contrived, fake, commercialized day.

Gosh I'm bitter.

'That Woman Named Mary - Lightnin' Hopkins

Baby You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now - BB King

Long Distance Call - Muddy Waters

Evil Ways - Otis Spann w/ Robert Lockwood Jr.

Woman I Ain't Gonna Drink No More Whiskey - Sunnyland Slim

When My First Wife Left Me - John Lee Hooker

I'm a Lonely Man - Sonnyboy Williamson II

Mean Old World - T-Bone Walker 

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