Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year News Tidbits

Happy New Year everyone! I know most of you are either watching the rerun of Dubai's fireworks or that the new number 1 porn star on Pornhub is Lebanese, but with the first days here are a few quick things that happened on my side:

NEW BASS - Sorta

I ordered a Fender Blacktop Precision Bass body off of Ebay, and I used my Surf Green P-Bass's neck (which is '62 reissue specs) and bolted them on and here is the result; a modern sounding Precision with a vintage neck. "Vintage modified" if you will:

The tone is thunderous with the two wide range humbucking pickups; great for rock tones which I'll be playing this year for several rock bands.


Today I performed an acoustic blues set with my good friend Aziz at the Kuwait Qout Market, a sort of grassroots market with great atmosphere.

The setlist:

1. Hoochie Cootchie Man - Muddy Waters
2. I'm a King Bee - Slim Harpo
3. Smokestack Lightnin' - Howlin' Wolf
4. Gypsy Woman - Muddy Waters

The response was favorable, considering that we played some deep blues unlike the other bands who played more commercial material. I'll have some videos up on my Youtube channel once I get my hands on a good HD video.

Welcome 2015 and I'll be still bringing you the blues news and music as usual.

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  1. I'm glad _somebody_ considers my songwriting "commercial".... Good to meet you at the market. You had a fine set.


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