Sunday, January 25, 2015

'Married Woman Blues' - J.B. Hutto

Joseph Benjamin "J.B." Hutto was a blues musician active in the 50's, and later from the mid-60s till his death in 1983.

He was a guitar player inspired by the works of Elmore James, and when he moved to Chicago in 1949 from South Carolina, he started getting gigs here and there and started a band called The Hawks.

In true blues fashion, he stopped playing music when a woman took his guitar and smashed it on her husband's head, and worked as a janitor for 11 years, before picking up his guitar again in the mid-60's. Since then he recorded several albums and worked with many other artists.

Here's one of his first recordings upon returning to the music business, called 'Married Woman Blues' on the Chicago/the Blues/Today! Vol. 1 compilation album released on Vanguard:

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