Wednesday, September 17, 2014

U2 'Give Themselves Away' to Apple

Pun intended.

U2... probably one of the most controversial bands out there. Not because they throw feces around stage, or bounce their booty in suggestive ways, or chomp on live bats, but rather because of the polarizing love-hate relationship people have with them.

I'm on the hate side, as if it needed clarification. I hate their derivative music, Bono's ego, and anyone who calls himself "The Edge". But after their Apple collaboration, I hate them even more.

You see, musicians are supposed to be about the art, the sound, their integrity, their passion. We all diss fabricated corporate pop music of the Justin Beibers, Miley Cyruses and the like. We love 'real' music; we talk non-stop about how good music was back in the day; Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix etc. I certainly never stop talking about the Blues.

U2 polarize the population by acting corporate under the disguise of being humanitarians. Bono is considered a peace activist, but underneath those big shades, he's still a human being with greed. He spoke badly about free file sharing; but suddenly when you get $100 FUCKING million from Apple, who's to complain!?


Talk about extreme mass marketing. If I did that shit for free everyone would dump my attempts to the junk mail and call it spam. That's what I'd do.

So how is that ok U2? I also blame Apple for this stunt; but obviously it didn't work.


The internet went batshit insane.

But the scary part is how Apple has such a power over our phones. Technology scares me sometimes.

But on to the case of music integrity; these days with the all time low CD sales, dwindling digital download and streaming sales, what is an artist to do? Some people say it's the survival of the fittest, and this is what U2 has done. 

But now this could set a bad precedent. Imagine one day you have free albums delivered to your phones en mass without your consent or permission on a regular basis. 

U2 have to literally give their music away now. Maybe because their music is still pretty shit and that's the only way to get their music out there? 

How can a musician who isn't a prostitute to the music industry make ends meet? Buddy Guy's superb album 'Rhythm & Blues' sold only 10,000 albums the first week on sale, and he's considered the biggest bluesman alive right now. 

Call me paranoid, but on the technological level and the artistic level, I fear for the future.

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  1. I say don't fear the future. It only came to my attention that U2 was putting out something through FB and that is that. I heard their supposed ode to Joey Ramone through a song that sounded really blaaaah.

    As for music, it'll be still around through honest musicians.


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