Thursday, September 4, 2014

Otis Spann Covers Muddy's 'My Home is in The Delta' and Features Him on Guitar

Muddy Waters' essential album Folk Singer from 1964 is considered one of the best blues albums of all time; with it's haunting acoustic sound (which by this stage Muddy was known to be an electric blues performer.).

One song on the album is the reflective and homesick laden song 'My Home is in The Delta', where Muddy yearns:

Well my home's in the delta,
Way out on that farmer's road.
Now you know I'm living in Chicago,
And people, I sure do hate to go.
Now you know I'm leaving here in the morning,
Won't be back no more.

The version below comes from long time pianist for Muddy's band and also one of his closest friends, even to the point that Muddy called him his brother, Otis Spann, who covered it on his 1967 album 'The Blues is Where It's At', featuring none other than Muddy on signature slide guitar while Spann takes the lead vocals.

Sip your bourbon and mellow out on this one:

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