Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's Official: Pink Floyd To Release New Album in October

Well this came out of left field; after a rumor and a few days of a massive internet  meltdown, Pink Floyd have officially confirmed they are working on a new album, entitled "The Endless River", which contains material from their final album The Division Bell from 1994. Several songs by the late keyboardist Richard Wright will be reworked. Roger Waters will not be present, but Nick Mason will.

Gilmour, Mason, and Wright. Roger Waters technically isn't in the band anymore.

The announcement comes on their official webpage, which unfortunately has very little information:

"Pink Floyd can confirm that they are releasing a new album, The Endless River, in October 2014. It is an album of mainly ambient and instrumental music based on the 1993/4 Division Bell sessions which feature David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright. The album is produced by David Gilmour with Phil Manzanera, Youth and recording engineer Andy Jackson. Work is still in progress, but more details to come at the end of the summer."

 The story first broke when David Gilmour's wife Polly Samson posted this on her Twitter account:

Later, vocalist Durga McBroom-Hudson, who previously worked with the band, mentioned a recording session for the album on Facebook: 

"Remember this photo? It wasn't what you THOUGHT it was. From Polly Samson on Twitter: "Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called "The Endless River". Based on 1994 sessions is Rick Wright's swansong and very beautiful."

YES. THERE IS A NEW PINK FLOYD ALBUM COMING OUT. AND I'M ON IT. And there was much rejoicing. "

I was in a Pink Floyd tribute band back in Lebanon and was an avid Floyd fan (still am, just not like before). This news is lovely to hear, yet also there is some skepticism; instead of working on new material as a band, who have sort of reconciled after a bitter feud, they decided to use material that was not deemed fit for release.

While I no longer enjoy Roger Waters recent musical output and very political stances, having his great mind working with the soulful touch of David Gilmour again would make any fan cry.

Perhaps they feuded again, or it's just a matter of material that Waters wasn't included in at the time. And technically, I don't think Roger Waters is officially in Pink Floyd after his split.

Of course I will buy the album; talk is that it will be ambient and mostly instrumental. Richard Wright has written some beautiful pieces for the band including "Great Gig in The Sky" and "Us and Them" from their best-selling legendary album Dark Side of the Moon.

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