Sunday, February 9, 2014

Preview: Kent Burnside's 'My World Is So Cold'

I always look out for new blues music; it's a journey of exploration.

I was contacted by Lucky 13 Records and they informed me about Kent Burnside's just released debut album called "My World Is So Cold", and boy I'm glad they did.

Kent is the grandson of blues great R.L. Burnside, and damn the music is awesome. It's got the blues, a bit of rock and soul too. I recommend you listen to the tracks over on Lucky 13's Soundcloud page, and here's one of the rocky songs called 'Mizz Maybelle' below. There's also a cover of the blues standard 'Spoonful' by Howlin' Wolf.

So get a listenin' and support the new generation of the blues!

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